Atomic Photographers Guild

“Cataloguing and Digitizing the Atomic Photographers Guild: the archiving initiative,” by N.A.J. Taylor (Deakin University)

Berlyn Brixner, Trinity Atomic Bomb Blast, 0.016 Sec N, July 16, 1945 The Atomic Photographers Guild is the pre-eminent collective dedicated to visualising all aspects of the nuclear age. Formed in 1987 by Robert Del Tredici, the Guild has since amassed...
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Devour the Land: War and American Landscape Photography since 1970

Special Exhibitions Gallery, Harvard Art Museums Devour the Land shines a light on the unexpected and often hidden consequences of militarism on habitats and well-being in the United States. Featuring approximately 160 photographs across 6 thematic groupings, the...
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How do humans make sense of the bomb?

Photography and introduction by Robert Del Tredici. Captions by Robert Del Tredici and Gordon Edwards. | October 7, 2021 Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. This glass sphere, 3.2 inches across, is the exact size of the plutonium ball in the Nagasaki bomb....
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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – Donor Stories

David Wargowski, committed member of the Bulletin Community “Together we can make a difference. The Bulletin provides the research and information needed to reduce threats to our existence. It’s the only media outlet devoted to the study of existential threats and...