A group exhibition by members of the Atomic Photographers Guild (APG) was recently hosted in Vancouver, to coincide with the International Uranium Film Festival’s 2024 North American Tour.

 Featuring the work of Robert Del Tredici, Mary Kavanagh, Harris Fogel, Harley Cowan, Abbey Hepner, Brett Leigh Dicks, elin O’Hara slavick, Blake Fitzpatrick, Yoshito Matsushige, Berlyn Brixner, Nate Hofer, Jesse Andrewartha, Katy McCormick and David Wargowski, “Plutonium & Silver” was on display April 8-12, 2024, at Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society, Vancouver

A reception was held on opening night, April 8, at 6pm. APG Advisory Board Member, Jesse Andrewartha, gave a 45 minute presentation on the history of the Guild and a discussion of selected images, their significance and the profound influence of the Guild’s photographic exploration on public understanding of nuclear issues.

The evening was well attended, with approximately 30 people present for the Artist Talk. Following the presentation and some time to view the art, the International Uranium Film Festival commenced with the first films for the event. It was a wonderful evening of discussion and debate of all things atomic!