Berlyn Brixner, Trinity Atomic Bomb Blast, 0.016 Sec N, July 16, 1945

The Atomic Photographers Guild is the pre-eminent collective dedicated to visualising all aspects of the nuclear age. Formed in 1987 by Robert Del Tredici, the Guild has since amassed an archive of photographic negatives and prints from more than forty photographers across seven decades. The collection begins with the world’s two first atomic photographers: Berlyn Brixner, the United States’ government’s head photographer of the Manhattan Project, and Yoshito Matsushige, the only photographer to document the atomic destruction of Hiroshima from inside that city on August 6, 1945. Despite the significance of the Guild’s archive, the collection has yet to be formally catalogued and digitized. This Humanities Travelling Fellowship will provide necessary funds to catalogue and digitize Del Tredici’s personal archives in Montreal, Canada, and will serve as a pilot project to inform longer-term ambitions to archive the entire collection.

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