David Wargowski, committed member of the Bulletin Community

“Together we can make a difference. The Bulletin provides the research and information needed to reduce threats to our existence. It’s the only media outlet devoted to the study of existential threats and specifically established to engage the public.”

—David A. Wargowski,  Scientist/Artisan/Nuclear History Provocateur

Read below our recent interview with David A. Wargowski and why he reads and supports the Bulletin: 

David, you have been a follower and supporter of the Bulletin for over ten years.  How did your interest evolve? 

My interest in nuclear weapon existence started at age 7 when I first witnessed a nuclear detonation on television. I have never forgotten that sinister sight and its impression on me. I grew up during the duck and cover years, witnessed the Cuban Missile Crisis, the implementation of the MAD doctrine, and lived through the final 39 years of the Cold War. Now, the foundation to repeat history is being laid. Need I say more?

We know our global audience is looking for reputable answers to long standing and emerging technical and political challenges. What do you look for and how do you find the Bulletin helpful? 

I look for factual information free of bias, agenda, half-truths, myths, and free of subjective thinking. The Bulletin consistently provides such editorial content. In addition, the Bulletin has lived up to its mission and vision by demonstrating fair-mindedness, vigilance, influence, understanding, and by solution-orientated action.

I very much appreciate the Bulletin’s dedication to the Doomsday Clock and its continued monitoring of nuclear weapon stockpiles as a function of country, number of weapons, and year of deployment.

As a member of the Legacy Society, why should people support lend their support and consider a planned gift for theBulletin? What was your motivation to add the Bulletin to your estate plan? 

The Bulletin has been in existence for over 76 years providing humankind with a voice of knowledge, guidance, and policy of what its founding members envisioned. This was not accomplished without seamless dedication and support. Now, as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, there are existential threats not remotely imaginable in 1945. As a result, it is more important than ever that people lend their support and consider a planned gift to ensure the Bulletin’s voice can continue to be heard.

My desire and motivation to include The Bulletin to my estate plan is simple:

I believe the uninterrupted message contained within the Bulletin is essential to inform and educate all of humanity’s generations to the existing and emerging dangers that threaten the extinction of all life on Earth.